About us

Who We Are ?

Denexis is a Swiss company based in Geneva. The expertise of the company is related to several industries or sectors. It assists Governments, their administrations; Oil and Gas upstream or commodity trading companies; public companies or inter-governmental organizations, in developing and implanting the best infrastructures, technologies or projects.

Denexis is actually active in business development in several continents like South America, Eastern Europe and Africa and Switzerland.

The company develops, distributes or provides a specific range of services and equipments related to each type of sectors. Denexis can provide experts, consultants, technical solution like technical equipment, production facilities, and software from the shelf or specific developments.

Depending on each project, Denexis gathers appropriate service providers and sufficient funds to achieve the clients’ projects.

Denexis team of internal or external experts believe in professionalism, efficiency, creativity and precision to delivers to final users, solutions that fits the most complexes exigencies.

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